Clamping Systems

The different clamping systems and clamping technology solutions.

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New SMW Autoblok clamping technology solutions on request!

Product no.: 0004

Application chuck,

Diaphragm chuck,

Collet chuck,

gripper chuck,


Clamping cylinder,


Steady rests.

New SMW Autoblok No. 77762550 Chucks ILD 500 4 M Z380 330,2-3/32" N25,5

Product no.: 77762550

NEW SMW Autoblok No. 77762550 Power chuck ILD-500-4-Z 380 330,2-3 / 32 "N25,5, chuck, 1 set of sliding blocks with screws, 1 set of soft top jaws, mounting screws.

On Inquiry!

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